• 2016 Registration is Closed

    2016 Registration is closed except for special circumstances. We have to establish these deadlines in order to begin the process of establishing a roster framework for the fall session that begins in a little over a month. LYSA does apologize for any inconvenience this may impose.

  • Volunteers

    Starting to feel pretty guilty about the stale info on our front page. Since we hit the off season I've been focused on many other things, and have sort of let it go. With that said, I would really appreciate anyone that has relevant news about the local soccer scene to share information. I will start posting on a regular basis. We can be reached through the contact link.

  • Coaching Manual

    Take time to peruse the manual. Especially new coaches might pick up some helpful info. The link is in the drop down menu under Info-LYSA Manual. Packed with information relating to all aspects of coaching youth soccer.

Soccer is the ballet of the masses

-Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich

  • LYSA Members and Associates.

    The Association is composed of Litchfield volunteers that offer their time, resources, and specialties to ensure the youth of our community have the most enjoyable and rewarding soccer experiences possible. Members include Darin Ashby, Patrick Schaefer, Scott Hartel, as well as the folks pictured to the right.

  • Mark Bloome - President

    Mark has been the LYSA President since 2009. He started coaching his son Spencer's 1st grade team and has coached at every level of our Association since. He took the job as President because he believed in the program and wanted to help further its objective to promote and improve Litchfield Soccer.

  • Bill Bergen- Treasurer

    Bill has been involved with LYSA for almost 20 years. For the last 15 years he has been head coach of the Litchfield High School girls team.

  • Melissa Grosenheider - Secretary

    Melissa is unique to our board as the only member that was a former LYSA player. Her LYSA experience has spanned all segments - player, parent, coach, and board member.